I help single Christian women find and captivate

the man God has created just for them.

And I know why you’re


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Private Coaching

Ideal for the woman who wants a 1-on-1 private experience that's all about you.

Sisterhood Coaching

Ideal for women craving a likeminded community with women searching for love. 

Online Course

Ideal for the busy woman who wants to learn my secrets at her own pace.

I want you to stop and imagine your future



Imagine the flowers and the cake and the dress. Imagine tearing up when you hear the first dance love song and knowing it’s about you. What would you be willing to invest to have the wedding of your dreams? How much more valuable is it to invest in finding and meeting the man you’ll walk down the aisle towards to marry? You don’t need another big vacation. You don’t need to put a down payment on a house. What you really need and want is to meet your future husband.

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A Message from Michelle

Private Coaching

If life is starting to look like...

  • a few "Mr.Meh" but no "Mr.Right"

  • you've heard "let's just be friends" one too many times

  • you've spent years in the online dating wasteland

  • you¬†don't how to flirt¬†without it becoming an FBI interrogation

  • you want love but don't know what to do

Then you're likely an ideal fit for my 1-on-1 private coaching!


You get the most personalized support with utmost privacy.

You’ll have access to:

  • Anytime access to me by¬†private message

  • Private Weekly¬†50 min Zoom calls

  • Customized flirting strategy

  • Online dating profile assistance

  • Meet more¬†compatible men locally¬†¬†

BONUS: All clients have full access to The Christian Dating Playbook course.


Investment is a one-time payment of $6,000 for the full 6 months of 1:1 coaching. Payment plans are available.

Apply to work with me and join me for¬†a FREE ‚ÄúWhy am I Still Single?‚ÄĚ call and see if we're a perfect fit.




Sure, you have your people, but someone that fully understands those pre-date jitters you feel while trying to figure out what to wear...not so much.

Your married sister believes no one is good enough for you...

Your bestie going through that break-up thinks you should just swear off men all together...

And your women's bible group leader tells to just wait, and God will send you a husband...

Honestly, no one really gets it and that can feel like the loneliest part on your journey to love. 

This is exactly why I created the Sisterhood Coaching groups. Not only will you receive results-creating coaching from me, you'll also be surrounded by women who truly get it.

I know what's keeping you single and exactly what steps are under your control to change that and meet the person God created for you.

My proven dating transformations, combined with high touch coaching and a tight knit group of women cheering you on makes finding love a process you actually enjoy, not something to just "get through."  

You’ll have access to:

  • Anytime¬†messaging to me and your group

  • Weekly¬†50 min¬†group Zoom calls

  • You'll experience my 4 pillars of transformation

    • Confidence

    • Connection

    • Communication

    • Chemistry

BONUS: All clients have full access to The Christian Dating Playbook course.

I could fill this with 100 women, but I limit the Sisterhood groups to be small and intimate. That means that the coaching is personalized and high touch. I’m a part of every step of each woman’s journey from the first flirty text, to the relationship that you build with your person.


Investment is a one-time payment of $3,000 for the full 6 months of small group coaching. Payment plans are available.



The next Sisterhood small group starts June 6, 2024. Apply below and meet me for a consult call.


Online Course

The Christian Dating Playbook

Navigate your dating journey on your own terms, in your own time. 

The Christian Dating Playbook is there for you when you need it, no matter what stage of finding love you're currently in. 

This course covers the very principals and formula I hand to my private clients, covering the 4 pillars of transformation needed to find YOUR man:

My 4 Pillars of Transformation 

Confidence: It¬īs not your¬†dress size, hair style, or fresh mani that gives you the "it" factor where you¬†walk into any room feeling desirable, worthy, and radiant. Fortunately, I know exactly what it does take to get you there (and I've laid it all out for you).¬†


Connection: The office watering hole and those guys your cousin insists on setting you up with just aren't cutting it. You need to know where to meet men, and not just any men, men that are compatible with what you're looking for in a husband. Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Communication: Stop having boring, platonic, interview style conversations or texting "How was your day?". Learn how to conversate with men in ways that are fun, flirty, and create electricity for both of you. 

Chemistry: Fun fact, chemistry isn't a "first sight, fireworks" kinda thing, it's an actual skill that you can hone and perfect. You'll learn how to create a space that moves beyond the "friend zone" and start having deeper, more intimate interactions. 

An $197 investment. Get instant & lifetime access to find love.


I’m Michelle Joiner


The Christian Dating Coach.

It’s great to have a successful career, friends to hang out with, and plenty of other goals. But as you build a life that’s amazing in some ways, you’re missing one thing…
...someone to share it with.


As a certified life coach, I'm helping my Christian sisters create their own love story.


I know why you're



It's sneakier than you imagine.


What you think is helping is actually hurting your chances at love.

Learn the 5 Mistakes Keeping
Christian Women Single and how
to fix it right away to get the love
you long for.

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