I help single Christian women find and captivate

the man God has created just for them.

And I know why you’re


Is this a perfect fit?

Private Coaching

Work with me 1-on-1 for luxury daily access and weekly private calls.

Online Course

The Christian Dating Playbook: 90 Days to Finding the One

I want you to stop and imagine your future



Imagine the flowers and the cake and the dress. Imagine tearing up when you hear the first dance love song and knowing it’s about you. What would you be willing to invest to have the wedding of your dreams? How much more valuable is it to invest in finding and meeting the man you’ll walk down the aisle towards to marry? You don’t need another big vacation. You don’t need to put a down payment on a house. What you really need and want is to meet your future husband.

Clients finding



Private Coaching

You need a dating expert when...

  • you aren't meeting any compatible men

  • you're always put in the friend zone

  • online dating is awful and not working

  • you don't how to flirt and be attracting

  • you want love but don't know what to do

That’s what my 1-on-1 private coaching is for!

You get the most rapid results and 24/7 personal support.

My clients find exciting guys and get engaged.

You’ll have access to:

  • Anytime access to me by private message

  • Private Weekly 1 hour Zoom calls

  • Customized flirting strategy

  • Online dating profile assistance

  • Meet more compatible men locally  

BONUS: All private clients have full access to  The Christian Dating Playbook course.


Investment starts at $1,500.

Apply for a FREE “One Reason I’m Still Single” call to discuss coaching with me.


Online Course

The Christian Dating Playbook:
90 Days to Finding the One

Course Topics Include:
• Know, Grow & Show your Value
• Train your Brain to be More Confident
• Communicate in Male Language
• Connect with More Godly Men
• Create More Chemistry
• How to get Guys to Commit
• Online Dating Secrets
• Long Distance Relationship Tips
• And More!! Over 45 modules.


An $197 investment to find love
and get instant & lifetime access.


I’m Michelle Joiner


The Christian Dating Coach.

It’s great to have a successful career, friends to hang out with, and plenty of other goals. But as you build a life that’s amazing in some ways, you’re missing one thing…
...someone to share it with.


As a certified life coach, I'm helping my Christian sisters create their own love story.


I know why you're



It's sneakier than you imagine.


What you think is helping is actually hurting your chances at love.

Learn the 5 Mistakes Keeping
Christian Women Single and how
to fix it right away to get the love
you long for.

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