I help single Christian women find and captivate the man God has created just for them.

And I know why you’re



I help single Christian women find and
captivate the man God has created
just for them.

And I know why you’re




Have you ever...

          ...wondered if God wants you to stay single FOREVER?


If you have a desire for love and marriage, be encouraged that God probably placed those desires in your heart. The Psalms say that if you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart.

It's time to stop asking IF you're meant to be married and to start asking HOW you can take steps to be married.



Letter from a Client who Found Love


"Note the tattoo on his finger. He put that on several years ago to remind himself that if God put a wife into his life that God would come first.
During my dating journey, Michelle guided me in the art of flirting. This was an area I was very unfamiliar and inexperienced at. The simple and doable tips and tricks really got me thinking about how to get and keep my man’s attention. I’m not an expert yet but I can often get a precious chuckle or that captivating sideways glance. 

Michelle led me through exercises on knowing my value. This gave me a boldness, right up front, to speak my relationship desires and deal breakers in a constructive way. 

Michelle is a woman of God. She supports, encourages, and teaches biblical truths all the while guiding through the maze of this modern dating world.

I count Michelle as my friend and mentor. Michelle’s expertise and insight into the Christian dating world of today led me to the man of my dreams. The man God chose for me."

I know why you're single.


What you think is helping is actually hurting your chances to find love.


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"I found my God given person plucked just for me. All because you said have fun. I legit love and am thankful for you."

- Note from a newly married coachee

I’m Michelle Joiner: The Christian
Dating Coach.

I used to dream about being a wife and a mother. But I grew up in a strict Christian home and dating wasn't encouraged.

I was taught to be a good steward of what God gave me. So, I practiced the piano four hours a day, led worship at church, and studied hard.

I got my bachelors and masters from Johns Hopkins University in mechanical engineering, bought a house, traveled abroad... But it was the saddest time of my life.

With the help of my dating coach, I got the courage to meet more men, learn to be playful and flirty and believe I was high value.

That's when I found Caleb. We got married two years after meeting and had twin baby boys followed by a precious little girl. It was worth everything.



Clients who are finding