Hi! I’m Michelle!

As a certified life coach, I'm helping my Christian sisters create their own
love story.


This is all I ever wanted...

  • someone to exchange secret looks and jokes with at parties.

  • someone to cuddle with while you both binge watch Netflix shows.

  • someone to go grocery shopping with and help you do the dishes.

  • someone to put his arm around you and sit with you every week at church.

  • someone who knows your secrets and loves you without judgement.

Maybe God is answering your prayers in ways you didn't  expect.


When I was single, coaching was the answer to prayer I never expected. I learned how to think of myself as a high value woman. I was taught how to flirt and connect and build chemistry. And most importantly, coaching helped me find the love of my life, the father of my children, and the soulmate and best friend I get to eat almond flour pancakes with every Saturday.


Now, as a certified life and dating coach, I’ll help you get all of these same results and write the ending you’ve always desired for your own love story.

All of this is not just what you want, it’s what you deserve. And it’s what I’m here to help you get!


I know why you're single.


What you think is helping is actually hurting your chances to find love.


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