Friendly is the New Sexy

confidence feeling sexy show your value May 13, 2022

I’m officially over it. There is nothing wrong with being sexy.

Ok. Now that we’ve established that, let’s move on to the more interesting question of how…?

How can I attract a man, be sexy, and remain pure? Here are 10 ways…

1. Design your hair in a way that feels comfortable but is attractive

2. Wear clothes that feel comfortable but are attractive

3. Don’t be sloppy or slovenly

4. Make your life intriguing and interesting (Netflix and books count. Read and watch intriguing and interesting products)

5. Learn how to cook/bake because men love to eat.

6. Smile everywhere and at everyone (yes, even at the cute guy that makes you nervous but also at the old lady at the grocery store that likely has a grandson your age.)

7. Touch men on the arm and when you hug them tough the nape of their neck

8. Wear a fragrance that is comfortable for you and is attractive

9. Wear cute shoes or sandals. Pedicures are always attractive. Men do notice feet.

10. Lean on your friends. Yes. A woman with friends is attractive.

Phew. Ok. There are ten ways to be more sexy this spring and summer.

Go forth and be friendly because friendly is the new sexy.

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