What Scares You More Than Death?

being single show your value May 20, 2022

Believe it or not. Pandemics don’t keep people single. Fears keep people single.

1. Fear of rejection
2. Fear that God doesn’t want you married
3. Fear that there are no more good men
4. Fear that the crappy relationship you’re in now is the best you can get
5. Fear that you’re not desirable
6. Fear that you’re too desirable and thus intimidating
7. Fear that you'll pick the wrong guy and end up unhappy
8. Fear that it's too late to have a family

Want me to go on cause I’ve got all day.

Listen. God did not give us a spirit of fear. So. Stop it.  One of the main reason women are single is because they're not meeting enough men.

According to my old dating coach Matthew Hussey, "If you want to MEET more men, you have to MEET MORE men."


Go. Meet. More. Men. Then send me a message and tell me how it goes.  

Yes I mean today. Yes I mean you.

Ok. ok.  I know what you're thinking right now.

Maybe you don't know what the first step is.  Maybe your confidence is low.  Maybe you can't think of where to meet men except for the local bars and clubs.  Believe me I KNOW it can be hard.  

Listen, if you sign up to work with me, one of the programs I offer is a "Meet More Men Strategy Session" where I get your location and I give you up to 30 places where you can meet Christian single men in your area.  I also show you a patented method for setting up an online dating profile and literally help you with what to message guys.  Yup!  I've thought of everything.

I know you've been seeing my emails and been feeling a lot of interest.  My 1:1 practice is very limited but I do have some spots open this summer.  

There's just one thing you need to do right now.  Just one decision.  The decision is to meet more for a consult call.  You don't have to decide to work with me today.  You just need to decide to click the link below and apply for a free consult call.  Here's a secret... everyone who answers the questions and requests a consult call will get to talk to me.  I set up the questions so that YOU benefit the MOST from the call.

SO.  This is a simple decision.  You got this sister.

Sign. Up. Now.




Ready to take all of this to the next level and work with me?  Click the link below to apply for your very own FREE consult call with your dating expert, Michelle Joiner.